Northland, with it's temperate climate and rich soil, is one of New Zealand's primary food producing regions. 


With farming at it's core, and surrounded by water, Northland also has some stunning scenery, ancient forests, world class fishing and sailing, and towns that focus on enjoying a great lifestyle.


Northland is where Kiwi's go to enjoy themselves. It's about living as well as playing. This is evident in the many farmer's markets that are available, the specialty products that are made from local produce, and the many very talented artists that you will find scattered throughout the region.


Click on each of the districts and towns on the map, or browse through the Northland directories to explore what is available.


The What's On events calendar keeps you up-to-date with the many different activities on offer.


Northland is a place to explore. Do so and you will find many 'hidden gems' to enjoy and admire. Take your time. You wouldn't be the first to discover that Northland is also a great place to live.